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Reverse Osmosis Plants

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Reverse Osmosis Plants

Reverse Osmosis Plants
Reverse Osmosis Plants

Product Description
Reverse Osmosis Plants find wide application in many commercial establishments and industries for various applications. These RO plants is the cost effective solution for producing high quality demineralized water with low water rejection rate. All these reverse osmosis plants are available in varieties of construction like FRP, Stainless steel and MSRL. Extensively used in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical and electronics industries, these RO plants work on cross flow filtration method.

The process of water purification is carried out in following steps:
The feed water contains suspended particles and dissolved matter.
•    The water is filtered through sand filtration
•    After the filtration, the water is then passed through activated carbon beds for the removal of foul odor, color and carbon
•    Hard water is softened
•    Addition of scale inhibitor
•    Finally the water is passed through cartridge filters for removal of left our suspended particles

Technical specifications
•    Flow Range: 50 LPH to 50,000 LPH
•    Material of Construction: FRP / Stainless Steel / M.S.R.L
•    Operation: Semi – automatic / Fully automatic
•    Capacity: 100 LPH to 100 M3
•    Output TDS: 400 TDS to 45,000 TDS

Application areas:
The Reverse Osmosis plant can be used in both commercial and industrial sectors.

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