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On Grid Systems
On Grid Systems

"On Grid" or "Grid-connected" systems are the systems that are connected to the utility grid through a special inverter. These Systems are more prevalent in "Feed-in Tariff" Applications. These Systems could be either be Roof Top mounted or Free Field Installations based on the size and capacity.
A pioneer in the deployment of operational MW-scale solar power plants in India, Flare Solar has significant experience in the developing power plant solutions and in realising turnkey solar power plants. flare solar has built extensive local know-how in the field of solar power plants: from planning and construction to startup and maintenance.
Introducing flare solar Standard System Block (SSB) 

flare solar Standard System Block represents the latest innovation in large scale solar power plant technology. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, SSBs are pre-fabricated as large, self-sufficient solar power generation units that can be delivered to the construction site very quickly, while adhering to the most current safety standards. The solar modules supplied as a part of SSBs are electronically and mechanically matched to all components of the solar plant.
The overall construction process is up significantly shortened from the time of project development to commissioning and operation, thus providing greater overall return on investment. At the same time, maximum flexibility is retained as the module type and the final location of the SSB can be changed until very shortly before actual construction. flare solar SSBs are offered with industry-leading performance guarantees that assured continued energy production during the lifetime of the solar power plants. 


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